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DIY SOS Ireland The Big Build Series 3 Coming Soon

For the third season running, Etag Ireland are proud to announce that we will be a supplier in the third series of DIYSOS Ireland.

During the first and second season of the show we supplied:

  • Fixings
  • PPE
  • Construction Signage
  • General Building Supplies

Our team were thrilled to be involved in inspiring projects all across the country while providing technical advice when needed. We are looking forward to watching the second series on RTE airing in April. 

In season three, we will be doing it all again!

This season there will be four builds, with the first being located in Athlone. This first project will be dedicated to renovating the home of Pa Berry and his young family. Pa suffered extensive injuries in the line of duty as a fireman. Unfortunately, this has left him without independence and out of work. His wife Nicky is now his full-time career and their home is in need of renovating to accommodate Pa and his young family.

DIYSOS Ireland are looking for a wide range of volunteers for this project including all types of trades people, caterers and site supports. 

There will be a Trades Day for anyone who would like to be involved. This will be held in St Kieran’s Community Centre, Athlone, N37 W7P3 from 11:30am – 4pm.

Timings for specific trades are –11:30am – Groundworkers, blocklayers, landscapers, fencers, lawn turf suppliers.

12:30pm -Carpenters, joinery companies, plumbers, electricians, window suppliers.

2:30pm – Painters, plasterers, slabbers, interiors suppliers, decorators, demolition companies.

Anyone outside of those categories who’d like to help can show up any time between 11:30am and 3:30pm to meet the build, design and production teams.

If you would like to be involved in this inspiring project, get in touch with the DIYSOS team:

083 013 9827

Please include in your application:

  • Name
  • Number
  • Email
  • Details of your TRADE or what you can SUPPLY.

We look forward to being involved in the build and can’t wait to see the final results!

Etag Continue Support for the Lighthouse Club

Etag have made a significant donation to the Lighthouse Club to support the great work they are doing within the industry. The charity provide support to all construction workers and their families in Ireland and the UK.

This is our second year as a Company Supporter for the charity. Every single working day in the UK, two construction workers will take their own life. Through their range of free and proactive resources, the Lighthouse Club are able to support the industry through:

  • 24/7 Construction Industry Helpline
  • The Construction Industry Helpline App
  • Construction focused wellbeing and mental health training
  • Emergency financial aid to construction families in crisis
  • Advice on occupational health and mental wellbeing
  • Support on legal, tax and debt management matters

We wish all a safe and happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Etag will be closed for stock take and holidays from Tuesday 22nd December and will reopen on Tuesday 4th January 2022.

Fit Out Awards Are Back

Having been a sponsor of the Fit Out Awards for a number of years, Etag are delighted to sponsor two categories this year, Fit Out Contractor of the Year and Fit Out Client of the Year. The awards are being held on 24th November and celebrate excellence in the execution of world-class fit outs, and the people and clients who drive these projects.

The Fit Out Contractor Of The Year award recognises the Irish Contractor that stood out in 2020/2021. The award for Fit Out Client of the Year is a special recognition to the client of a fit out project who showed a commitment to collaboration and to a successful project in the last 12 months. “2020 was a difficult year and the awards last year was an opportunity for the fit out community to come together and celebrate virtually,” states Shaun Bonner, Sales Director. “The event organisers carried out a stellar job ensuring the Awards still had the Fit Out Awards unique atmosphere. We are delighted to once again be a part of the celebration of the fit out industry, which is always a fantastic event.” This year, the Awards will be a hybrid event where there will be a selection of entrants in a live forum event plus a wonderfully interactive and immersive online broadcast of the event. The deadline for entries is 24th August.

Fast Trak – The Complete Offsite Solution

Etag Gripple Fast Trak

Fast Trak is a pre-fabricated bracket solution that has been designed for speed, flexibility and efficient use of space. It is widely used for the installation of electrical containment, pipework, ductwork and other mechanical containment and is up to 6 times faster than the traditional suspension systems.

The system can be stacked neatly on site to reduce storage requirements. Fast Trak itself is lightweight and virtually invisible. With a four sided bracket, it is versatile providing a suspension point on every face. It is ideal for the installation of combined bracketry and multi-tiered configuration to accommodate additional services.

It is a tool free installation. Brackets can be moved up and down with ease to accommodate changes during installation. No levelling tools are required as there are indicators on each bracket offering a measurement guide when marking fixed points on a ceiling, shortening the amount of time working at height. Safety locks ensure security once the brackets and tracks are in place.  

Fast Trak reduces health and safety risks on site. There is no need to cut threaded rod or channel on site as it is all prefabricated offsite. There are no hotworks or filing needed on site as the excess tracks can be snapped off or hidden once the bracket is levelled and secured.

Fast Trak increases environmental credentials on site. It is a zero waste solution as tracks can be bent and tidied away under the bracket. There is less packaging waste and increased CO2 savings due to less transportation needed. Complete traceability can be provided and is backed up by a 25 year product warranty.

Fire tested in line with BS EN 1363 – 1:2012, Fast Trak comes with fire test reports, product datasheets and CE markings. Etag supply and deliver Fast Trak on site partnering with Gripple, who provide a range of technical support at every stage of the project. Consider it done.

Customer Success

Etag Customer Success Co-Ordinator

At Etag, everything starts and ends with our customers. Our product range, service and standards are built from a clear understanding of what our customers need and want. Customers who have an enjoyable experience while buying a product will continue to come back again and again. The better the customer experience, the happier are our team as well! It is a win-win situation for all! To ensure we continue to do this as we grow, Etag have developed a role specifically for customer service.
Our Customer Success Co-Ordinator will answer all customer enquiries and will collate information to ensure Etag continue making improvements in our service for all. We want to provide the best experience for our customers, making ordering what you need an efficient and enjoyable experience. Consider it done. Many of our customers know Laura Noone well from our Internal Sales Department and we would like you to join us in wishing her the best of luck in her new role.

The Hazards of Silica Dust

Silica is a natural substance in varying amounts found in most rocks, sand and clay. In sandstone there is approximately 70% silica and granite approximately 15-30%. It is a major constituent in most construction materials, such as brick, tiles, concrete and mortar. Dust happens on site during many construction tasks such as drilling, cutting, grinding and polishing. The dust can be fine enough to get into the lungs.

The fine dust is commonly known as silica dust and is too fine to be seen with normal lighting. It is the next biggest risk to construction workers after asbestos. Heavy prolonged exposure to silica dust can cause lung cancer and other serious respiratory diseases such as Silicosis. This causes serious breathing problems and increases the risk of lung infections. Another is Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, which is a group of lung diseases including bronchitis and emphysema. It results in severe breathlessness, prolonged coughing and chronic disability.

There are ways to control the risk of silica dust by reducing the amount in the air. Choosing the right size of material, so there is less cutting. Use silica free abrasives to reduce risks when blasting. Using less powerful tools, for example, swopping from a cut off saw to a block splitter. Also, trying a different method of work like a direct fastening system, such as gas or powder nailing systems. The Sympafix ISO 200 is one such nailer that shoots a direct fixing of hard and soft insulation into hard and soft concrete and solid stone with no need for drilling.

Dust will still occur particularly when drilling, and there are ways to control the amount that gets into the air, such as water and on tool extraction. Water dampens the dust clouds, however, it would need to be used correctly. There must be enough water supplied at the right levels for the whole time that work is being done. It is not enough to just dampen the material.

On tool extraction removes dust as it is being produced with a local exhaust ventilation fixed to the tool. It must have a capturing hood, extraction unit, and tubing and be used to the right specification, High, Medium and Low. The Armorgard Cutting Station is one such tool that can significantly reduce dust and eliminates the need for a separate cutting room. Extraction and air filtration units can easily be fitted to the station. It can be used to safely cut lengths of conduit, timber, cable tray and pipe.

Etag offer a cutting service to eliminate the risks on site through hotworks and dust. Lengths are pre-cut to size and removes cut off waste and no filing. The lengths arrive to site, ready to install.

Respiratory Protective Equipment is to be used as well. It must be adequate for the amount and type of dust. RP equipment must be suitable for work and not uncomfortable, compatible with other PPE gear, fit the wearer’s face correctly, and worn correctly. If the mask must be tight fitted, the wearer must be clean shaven. All RPE must be cleaned and stored correctly, particularly filters.

We also stock a good range of full and half face dust masks. Respirators are designed to cover the nose and mouth, and filter the air to remove contaminants so they cannot enter the lungs. P2 and P3 face masks offer higher level of protection and at Etag, we can offer fit tests to ensure the dust masks are suitable. It is recommended that the wearer is clean shaven as facial hair has been shown to affect the amount of protection.

The JSP Press To Filter is compatible with the Force 8 mask. The filter protects against construction dust and gives daily fit reassurance. The Force 8 mask is made with a durable thermoplastic rubber offering a superior fit to most face shapes.

 We also stock a good range of full and half face dust masks. Respirators are designed to cover the nose and mouth, and filter the air to remove contaminants so they cannot enter the lungs. P2 and P3 face masks offer higher level of protection and at Etag, we can offer fit tests to ensure the dust masks are suitable. It is recommended that the wearer is clean shaven as facial hair has been shown to affect the amount of protection.

For more information on products, contact our sales team by calling 01 835 7424 or email