Why Choose LED?

LED can bring high quality lighting instantly (no waiting to warm up). It has an exceptional lifetime, so you won’t be needing to replace bulbs as often and LED can greatly reduce your energy costs. It may prove more expensive initially but ultimately, you will make your money back by the minimum amount of maintenance needed.

A correct lighting solution can prevent work-related injuries. Natural lighting should take precedence where possible, artificial light must be adequate and properly maintained. Workers should be able to detect obvious hazards and be able to work with eyestrain.

We have numerous options to that will light your site up during the winter. Consider what you will need, for instance, do you need temporary lighting or does it need to be moved often? Do you need a cordless light?

Festoon Kits are a great temporary lighting solution. They can light up a large area by hanging from one area to another. They can light up a dark hallway or corridor and can provide a safe exit for workers. Tripod lights are another temporary light solution as they spread the light over a large area and can illuminate from above. We have double and single light options available depending on how much light is needed.

Freestanding lights are a popular and flexible solution and can be corded and cordless. They are robust lighting for site. Uplights are a combination of freestanding and tripod lighting. They are easy to transport and can light up a large area. They are a great option for plasterers or anyone working in the eves.

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