The New Generation Of Cable Trays – Fusion Run

Understanding their customer’s needs for premium brands, Etag are now an agent for Vergokan Cable Management Systems in Ireland. Vergokan is a specialist manufacturer of cable support systems. Having earned the title by developing an innovative range of products since its foundation in 1982, continued innovation and delivering superior solutions to customers has always been part of Vergokan’s drive. Working alongside customers, we’re always looking to develop new and improved solutions.

Vergokan’s search for continuous improvement has led to the development of a new generation of cable trays: KBSCL FUSION. This innovative solution is strong and reliable, but mostly stands out for its simplicity. The cable trays simply click together, without tools, nuts or bolts (even though this option is available).

The clickable mechanism makes assembly ultra-fast, user-friendly and offers a significant cost saving without sacrificing quality.



The patented design of the clickable KBSCL FUSION cable tray saves you time and installation hassle. The KBSCL FUSION tray has many additional features including:

Click: The stand-out feature of the Vergokan cable trays is the revolutionary insert and click system. A true innovation, requiring no additional nuts and bolts!

Thanks to the unique design, the cable trays automatically secure in place once they are interlocked.

Fast: Mounting the KBSCL FUSION is fast. Simplicity and Speed were key and the two lengths of tray simply click together, and are auto-aligned ready to install, considerably reducing installation time, and saving money from labour costs.

Strong: As strong as any bolted joint, the KBSCL FUSION can withstand high loads, with load capabilities similar to that of standard Cable Tray.

The deep perforations provide extra load capacity and less deflection, but also ensure better stability.

On top of that, the longitudinal and transverse perforations are especially useful for bundling cables.

Mounting possibilities on supports are improved because there are more options for securing accessories to the cable trays and then attaching them to the wall.

Reliable: The insert & click design offers a robust connection which remains securely fixed during installation. Traditional fixings can be added if desired, but the maximum admissible load is achieved from the tray’s built in coupling.

Cost Saving: No accessories or tools are required for the installation of the KBSCL cable tray system. Moreover, connecting two trays together can be done very quickly by a single installer.

That means you save on parts, manpower and on time.


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