Speed, Efficiency And Flexibility – The Gripple Fast Trak


The Gripple Fast Trak offers speed, flexibility and efficient use of space when you are working in restricted spaces with all the flexibility of its wire rope counterparts.

Gripple Fast Track









It is 6 times faster to install than other bracket solutions and safer as it removes the need to cut threaded rod and channel on site. It is tool free, as the brackets move up and down the tracks to accommodate changes in position while installing electrical containment, pipework, ductwork and other M&E services in restricted spaces.


Once you have reached the required height by pressing the latches on each end, the bracket will the click into place with a safety lock. The maximum weight for the Fast Trak is 180kg. There is zero waste as the tracks neatly fold under the brackets, so there is no need to  trim any excess, making your site safe. Due to the multi tiers, the Fast Trak is a space saver and ensures that cable containment units are tight to the ceiling and is an ideal solution for residential developments and buildings.

See the Fast Trak in action

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