Ram Board – The Best Heavy Duty Material Protection

At Etag, we supply the best in material protection for sites during construction or renovation. Ram Board is a product that is a heavy duty floor protection that rolls out flat and reduces the need for bulky floor protection.

It lays out fast and is re-useable. It is proven to protect concrete, wood, tile, linoleum, VCT and most other floor types. It will not stain and has a Vapour-Cure technology that allows for the proper curing of new floors. The Spill Guard technology gives extra protection against water, mud, paint and more. The Wall Guard creates an unmatched, protective barrier for walls, baseboards and perimeters. It will fold along 3 crease lines giving multiple height options for protection. Ram Board also protects the environment, with every roll being 100% recycled and recyclable.

Door Jamb is a heavy duty, flexible and re-useable door frame protector. No tape or adhesive is necessary, Door Jamb will install in seconds. It snaps onto door frames, protecting them from dents and scratches that can occur during construction. Available in 36” and 60” lengths and 4” – 9” door frame widths.

Ram Board have also created tapes that are tough enough to hold the Ram Board in place and leave no marks. Edge Tape is low tack enough for easy release and will leave no mark, but is tough enough to hold Ram Board edges in place. It can secure the edges of Ram Board on floors, walls and stairs. Safety orange identifies where the edges are.

Seam Tape will easily cover the seams of Ram Board. It is not intended to be applied directly to floors. The unique paper backing tears easily and creates an extremely durable and smooth finish. It is not vapour-permeable and should not be used in areas where curing floors need to breathe.

Vapour-Cure Tape prevents cure lines in concrete and blotchy finishes by allowing vapours and moisture to escape. The tape will join the seams of the Ram Board together. It can be used on different types of flooring such as concrete, glue down floors, stained floors, epoxy floors, refinished floors, VCT and most other floor types.

We also supply tools that will cut the job time and can be used with Ram Board and other products. The Ram Board Seamer is a floor taper with an extended handle, which allows for a 60% faster walking application. It will seam Ram Board floor protection on large projects and eliminates the need for application on hands and knees. It will fit most 2”, 3” and 4” tapes. It is built to last and applies the tape so efficiently, it eliminates waste.

The Multi Cutter protects flooring from being damaged or scuffs while cutting. The ergonomic, anti-slip handle is designed for comfort and safety. The Multi Cutter also has a magnetic closure which provides easy access to the internal storage of replacement blades. They are heavy duty with a fuzz guard that prevents debris collection in the handle.

Our Technical Sales Team can help you choose which material protection is best for your site.

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