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Today’s blog post gives you a few tips on how to keep your site materials and finishes protected from any damage.  Below are a few products we recommend you consider using.  In turn the main benefit of this for you, is not spending any more money than you have to by refinishing or replacing on-site damages materials.

Door Frame Protection

door frame pro

These particular frames are designed to clip around existing door frames to protect the surfaces from any impact damage.  Installation and removal of protection frames are quick and easy.  In comparison to other frames out there, these lightweight frames would be the best option as other frames can be more rigid which result in potential material scratching.

Floor Protection

floor prot

We supply both floor protection and carpet films, which both will serve your needs perfectly.  Both products eliminate the need for using dust sheets which as well know can be a trip hazard.  Both products boast many benefits mainly they are waterproof products, obviously self-adhesive and you require no need for any tape as it is specially designed to low tack adhere to carpets and wood flooring.

Protection Boards

protection board

Protection boards are sold per sheet and are black in colour as standard but other colours are available.  These boards are a versatile and cost effective way of offering protection.  They are designed to be easily cut and fitted.  Protection boards are also available in flame retardant format.

Window Protection

window protection

Window  protection films are sold per roll.  Protecting windows and glazed facades from any scratches, dirt, paint and plaster drops.

The above are just some of a few of the products we supply to protect site materials or finishes from any damage.  So don’t let your hard work go to waste, any further questions you may have our team are more than happy to help.

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