Fixings & Fasteners

Below is a short review on some of the most popular screws that we supply in vast amounts daily to our customers.  For many more please click here at

Drywall Screws

The drywall screws we supply are specially designed for fixings plasterboard to light gauge metal sections or metal and timber studs.  All the drywall screws we supply are CE approved and zinc plated and black phosphate.

Drywall Screws 32mm Zinc

Coarse Drywall Screw 50mm
Collated Drywall Screws Fine 25mm

Chipboard Screws

Probably the most efficient universal wood screws available.  The patented cutting thread provides lower drive in torque, a quicker assembly time and exceptional holding power.  These type of chipboard screws offer up to 50% quicker drive in time, with up to 50% lower torque and all without pre-drilling.

Chipboard Screws 4 x 25
Chipboard Screws 4 x 50

Tek Screws

Our range of tek screws varies in everything from heavy section to self-drilling & low profile.  See the remaining here at

Tek Screw 5.5 x 25 Light Section
Super Heavy Duty Self Drilling – Tek 7

Waferhead Screw

The below waferhead screws have a special hardened drill point for fixing dry linings to steel framework without the need for a pilot hole.

Waferhead Screw Point
Waferhead Screw Self Drill

If what you are looking for isn’t here.  Don’t hesitate to give our sales team a call.  Or click here at to see a full list of what we sell.


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