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Today’s blog post is a product review on both Putty Pads and Inserts (single & double) one of our top sellers at fix factory.  See the rest of the fire proofing products we stock here at

Putty Pads

Etag putty pads are an easily applied fire and sound rated sealant.  This type of pad is hand workable, reuseable and reserviceable due to the non-setting properties it features.  Easy installation on first or second fixings and excellent acoustic properties, are two of its many benefits.  The protection it features will prevent the passage of smoke, flames, sound and air movement through the electrical socket.  They provide up to 120 minutes fire resistance and featuring excellent acoustic properties, they achieve full fire performance without additional insulation between the studs.  The putty pads come supplied in a cross shape for internal installation in a socket or a switch box.  See here at


Fire Socket Inserts

The fire socket inserts we supply offer maximum protection for penetrations created by the introduction of both single & double inserts and also to allow ease of fitting.  In a situation where a fire occurs, the inserts expand internally to fill all of the available space.  These inserts work when fitted back to back in uninsulated walls and can be retro fitted to existing sockets or fitted during the wall construction.  Also suitable for insulated and uninsulated plasterboard partitions.  See here at


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