Dust Prevention

Dust can be a huge problem on site as it can seriously damage your health. There are some products that can help minimise and protect you from dust on site.Etag Ireland Dust Prevention XtractaBench

The Armorgard XtractaBench is an all in one dust workbench and extraction management system. It is a strong and robust workbench used to reduce dust and fumes emitted on site when working with materials such as wood, metal and plasterboard. it is compatible with most H or M class vaccums.

Dust masks are becoming more important due to regulations coming in. Face masks are now recommended by the HSA to be fit tested annually. All Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) must be CE marked making it adequate for the task, compatible for the environment, task and worker, and in good working order. RPE is the last line of protection. We have a wide range of dust protection products to keep you safe on site.

Etag Ireland Dust Prevention Full Face Mask

A full face mask has a large lens for wide field view and excellent visibility. It has a bayonet connection fitting system to a broad range of filters to protect against gases, vapours and particles. The four strap suspension makes it easy to put on and take off.  The cool flow valve provides easy breathing with reduced heat and stops moisture build up. The face mask is easy to clean due to the exhalation port, which provides increased durability.


Etag Ireland Half Face Mask Dust Prevention


A half mask is reusable, economical, low maintenance and simple to use. It has a cradle head harness and easy fasten neck strap. It is made of lightweight, elastomeric material for comfort during long periods. The low profile design minimises any interference in your field of view. The twin filter system gives an even distribution of weight and minimal obstruction to weight.

We also stock a range of disposable dust masks with P1,  P2 and P3 valve for temporary measures.  Ear protection is also important to reduce noise pollution and dirt. Corded ear plugs are reusable and can help reduce pressure in the ear canal. Disposable ear plugs are easy to insert and fit to the contour of the ear. Ear defenders are lightweight and ensure the wearer is protected from noise pollution. Protective glasses are a must to keep eyes protected from flying particles and objects and gloves are also important to protect from dust particles.

Tak-Mats are designed for the removal of light dirt and dust from foot traffic. They are ideal for hard or carpeted floors and enable under door fitting. There are 30 disposable sheets with each mat, which are individually tabbed and numbered that can then be peeled off, with a clean sheet ready to use underneath.

Temporary screen props provide a strong , lightweight solution for all temporary screening applications. They are reusable and cost effective. Easy to install, screen props will help to contain dust or spray.

Zip doors also help to contain dust in one area by sealing off the door. The zips are heavy duty to allow regular use. It will attach to a door way or screen and is quick and easy to install.

Our experienced sales team are on hand to chat with about our dust protection range on sales@etagfixings.com 

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