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It is almost the end of the working week again and with that comes our latest blog post.

Today’s blog is focused on the unique, one piece Caddy Telescopic Stud Rail.  This easy to assemble stud rail can be found here at or .

download (1)

The telescopic stud rail is adjustable for non-standard stud spacing.  It can be mounted in two different ways either to the face or inside a stud.

The easy installation is an aspect which we all want to hear whilst undertaking a job.  All that is required for this is a screw gun.  See here at  Telescopic stud rails are priced individually, so it lets you ordr the exact amount you need for a job.

As suppliers here at Etag, we know first-hand that it boasts many benefits.  The overall design of the stud rail has been improved enormously with stamped markings and pilot holes.  The stamped markings naturally make for easier identification whilst carrying out a job.  Also designed specially to allow for easier bending whilst using.  The pilot holes allow for easy socket / electrical box attachment with a screwdriver.  It features an interlocking tab which prevents any accidental disassembling occuring.  When used with flexible or rigid conduit or pre-wired cable systems, this in turn reduces movement of the box.

download (2)

Have you any other further questions in regards to this, our team are more than happy to help.

Catch Etag’s next blog post Tuesday.

Happy building & thanks for reading.


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