Powers C4 & C5

The Powers C4 Gun is well known and sold here for an unbeatable price.  Due to its exceptional power, this gun is recommended as highly reliable.  It easily fastens 65mm nails into hard concrete, it can handle up to 50mm wood to concrete, steel or sand/time stone.  The C4 comes packaged in a hard case with two batteries and a charger.


Fix Factory C4 nails comes ranging in size from 20 to 65mm.  All these nails are suitable for medium duty applications.  Guaranteed flawless operation even at temperatures below 0 degrees  to its gas been under 18 bar pressure.


The Powers C5 Gun is the lightest and smallest tool in its class, resulting in less operator fatigue.  It has a better overall ergonomic feel and extreme manoeuvrability.  The C5 has the greatest power output at 112 joules which allows for shooting into even the hardest concrete.  There are many features which make this product unique from the rest, it it suitable for 15-40mm nails, features the best dust protection due to its new metal mesh suction filter, service indicator light and easy depthment adjustment dial.  Comes packaged in a durable carry case with two batteries, battery charge, ear plugs, safety glasses and a jam clear tool.

powers c5 gun

The C5 nails come ranging in size from 15-40mm and are boxed per 800.

Any additional information you many require on the above products , do not hesitate to contact our experienced sales team on 020 869 15794 or take a look here at fixfactory.ie

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Wall Liner Systems

Today’s blog post is based on our comprehensive range of wall lining systems.  These wall lining systems are used to line brick, block and concrete walls with the aim to line the background or to improve the thermal or acoustic insulation.  All are suitable for internal application.  Below are a few of our most popular wall lining products.  Or take a look here at fixfactory.ie for  more.

Wall Line Brackets 2 – GL2

This drylining bracket is fire rated to EN1363 and is used for fixing stud to masonry, with a maximum stand off of 75mm.  It is a galvanised mild steel to BS EN 101 42:2000, and comes boxed per 100.


Also there is the wall line bracket 9 -GL9 which too is used for fixings stud to masonry, with a maximum stand off of 125mm and a weight of 5.80kg.


Wall Line GL1 Wall System

Fix factory wall liner components are manufactured to BS 7364-1990 from pre galvansied materials to BS EN 10327:2004.  This wall liner system is suitable for any type of proprietary plasterboard.  Wall liner can be cut to your required length using the correct powered cutting tools or snips.  Lastly insulation and acoustic materials can be installed for improved sound and thermal performance.

Wall Line GL8 Track 3.6m

Various cavity depths can be created from 25-125mm using bracketry.  If using on substrate materials, treatments may be required for dampness.  Ensure all substrates are strong and suitable for mechanical fixings.  The wall liner can then be cut to your required length, using the correct tools.

This concludes our post today on wall liner systems.  For more info please don’t hesitate to call one of our experienced sales team on 01 835 7424 or take a look here at fixfactory.ie.

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Ceiling Tiles and Grids

Here at Etag our number one priority is to supply you with only the best products.  Our main aim is to supply top quality secure and cost effective products to all our customers.  So the same goes for the SAS Ceiling systems and accessories.  Below is a few examples of many products we supply, for more click here at fixfactory.ie

Ceiling Grid RAL9010 Main Bar 3.6MM


Ceiling Grid White Angle Cross Tees 1.2M


Ceiling Grid White Angle Trim 3M


The ceiling grid accessories are used for cable or lighting to steel profiles, to joist ceilings, floors and ceiling systems.  These accessories are of a high standard and sold at a reasonably low price.  See below and see here at fixfactory.ie for more.

Vertical Flange Clip 

Used for fixings suspended ceilings, cable or lighting to steel profiles. Comes boxed per 100 and is made from a spring steel.


Acoustic Anti Vibration Ceiling Hanger

These ceiling hangers are used with timber joist ceilings, floors and ceiling systems for increased acoustic performance.  Boxed per 10, with a zinc plated finish and a mild steel to DIN EN 10111/10051.


Ceiling Brackets

A standard ceiling cleat for suspended wire or angle and comes boxed per 100.  The size of these ceiling brackets are 25 x 25.


That concludes Etags post on Ceiling Tiles and Grids.  Take a look here at fixfactory.ie to see all the products we stock.  Or give our experienced sales team a call on 01 835 7424.

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At Etag we stock the very best in quality, range and value on beading and mesh products.  We supply all your needs from pvc, stainless steel and galvanized beads.  Etag has you covered for every job may it be from rendering to plastering.  Take a look at the different types we supply at fixfactory.ie

Below is just a small example of the vast amount of different beads that we supply to you.

Movement Beads

Movement beads come boxed per 10.  This product is designed to form movement joints in plaster or render where long wall runs, either have a movement joint in situ or where there is a need to allow for thermal or differential movement.  They consist of two plaster stop lengths joined by a white pvc extrusion which allows for movement, which is then covered by a vinyl tape which is removed after the plastering or rendering.


PVC Plaster Stop Bead

This stop bead is a lightweight product which is used on door and window openings and also at the base of wall and ceiling level.  The PVC plaster stop bead is cleverly designed to deliver a clean edge.  Its function is to protect and finish plaster and render edges.  This product comes boxed in 20’s, at a length of 2.5m.


Micro Mini Mesh Bead

This is a very popular thin coat bead with fine mesh wings, that is designed for single coat plaster applications including drywall, slab and block work.  This provides excellent adhesion and a good reinforcement.  It comes boxed per 50’s.


Supasave Angle Bead

The fix factory Supasave angle bead, is a strong, resilient and cost effective bead designed for two coat applications.  Supasave generates a true, straight corner that provides strength and protection from everyday knocks.  It comes boxed per 50 and a length of 2.4metres.


The above is only a few examples of a large array of beads that we currently stock.  For more information on this please give one of our experienced sales team a call on 020 869 15794 or take a look here at fixfactory.ie

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Site Security

Etag are here for all your site security needs.  Give one of our team a call today on 020 869 15794 or visit here at fixfactory.ie to see more.

Site Box

We supply various types of site boxes to cater for your tools security needs.  Our site boxes differ to others in the fact they are built to a very high specification featuring a unique internal anti-jemmy system, which is guaranteed to baffle thieves.  Lock areas feature extra steel reinforcing to prevent drilling.  All hinges come with gas struts to assist with the lid opening and closing.  Casters can come available to suit and strong Chubb style keys supplied.


Mobile Pipe Rack

This mobile pipe rack features a capacity of 1 tonne and is 1540 x 1040 x 1440mm.  The main purpose and design of this pipe rack is to keep all pipes safe, organised and accessible.  When not in use, it is fully collapsible and stackable.  Also comes supplied with an official weight testing certificate.


Steel Padlocks and Chains

With this padlock featuring a 4-pin tumbler mechanism to ensure a smooth operation and the safety bumper is fitted to protect any surrounding paintwork.  Also featuring a hardened steel shackle for use where a higher level of security is required.  These chains are made to a UK & International standards.  With the link side welded for extra strength and also quality tested.  Also the chains are bright zinc plated & ideal for general purpose applications such as securing loads.




Above is only a few of the many security solutions we have to ensure your site safety at all times.  Call 00353 1 835 7424 now to speak to an experienced sales representative.

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Channel & Strut

Here at Etag we like to provide you with only the best – the same goes for the channel and strut we supply, they provide both strength and stability at a competitive price.  All masonry channels come available with or without welded anchors and a full range of bolts are available to suit all channels.  There are so many types of channels; some are commonly used for a variety of applications including masonry support systems, whilst other channels are for casting into concrete.  Below however you will see some of our common strut section for the mechanical & ventilation markets.  Threaded rod, nuts bolts and a huge range of accessories are available.  When ordering such products, our experienced sales team take all of your requirements into consideration are product weight and size.

Don’t worry just give our sales team a call today on 01 8357424 or take a look here at fixfactory.ie 

Please see below.

Channel 41 x 41 Back to Back Plain (6M)




Channel Slotted 41 x 21 (3M)


Channel Slotted 41 x 41 3M Hot Dipped Galv


Fire Proofing

Hi Guys,

Below are some of the main fire proofing products we supply for any drywall job.  For many more please click here at fixfactory.ie

Fire Barrier Flamestop 60


Flamestop is an extremely lightweight product, easy to use, versatile and easily modified.  It comes available in a standard roll size of 1.55m x 325m. Tested to BS476 parts 20/22, it is known for been a very strong and easy to handle product.

Flamestop is a barrier for up to one hour compartmentation of voids and above fire rated walls where integrity only is required.

When joining Flamestop, the edges are put together and then stapled 25mm in at 300mm centres.  The material then gets folded over, and lastly stapled again.  For more product information on this see here at fixfactory.ie

Fire Batt 1200mm x 600mm 2Coat


Enables fire protection for up to 4 hours for passages through fire rated compartment floors and walls.  Like the Flamestop, this too, is lightweight, versatile and tested to BS476 parts 20/22.

Easily handled and cut, Etag fire barriers consists of a 160kg/m3 density mineral slabs, are factory coated with a white, class ‘O’ flexible waterproof coating to ensure a durable fire barrier.

These fire batts are able to withstand significant vibration of penetrating services and normal building movement.  Manufactured in strict accordance with the ISO9002 certified quality procedures.  See here at fixfactory.co.uk

Sealant Fire Rated Acrylic & Acoustic 310ml


When exposed to temperatures in excess of 125 degrees  , this sealant swells to prevent the passage of fire and smoke .  It has a fire rating of up to four hours in certain joint configurations.  Certified acoustic rates to BS EN ISO 140/3.  £1.91 including vat – see here for more at fixfactory.ie

For more product information you can give our sales team a call on 020 869 15794, or simply click here at fixfactory.ie.

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Etag are delighted to have been awarded with ISO 9001 accreditation.

This is a reflection of Etag’s commitment to delivering high levels of service through our process, people, and working practice.

Fixings & Fasteners

Below is a short review on some of the most popular screws that we supply in vast amounts daily to our customers.  For many more please click here at fixfactory.ie

Drywall Screws

The drywall screws we supply are specially designed for fixings plasterboard to light gauge metal sections or metal and timber studs.  All the drywall screws we supply are CE approved and zinc plated and black phosphate.

Drywall Screws 32mm Zinc

Coarse Drywall Screw 50mm
Collated Drywall Screws Fine 25mm

Chipboard Screws

Probably the most efficient universal wood screws available.  The patented cutting thread provides lower drive in torque, a quicker assembly time and exceptional holding power.  These type of chipboard screws offer up to 50% quicker drive in time, with up to 50% lower torque and all without pre-drilling.

Chipboard Screws 4 x 25
Chipboard Screws 4 x 50

Tek Screws

Our range of tek screws varies in everything from heavy section to self-drilling & low profile.  See the remaining here at fixfactory.ie

Tek Screw 5.5 x 25 Light Section
Super Heavy Duty Self Drilling – Tek 7

Waferhead Screw

The below waferhead screws have a special hardened drill point for fixing dry linings to steel framework without the need for a pilot hole.

Waferhead Screw Point
Waferhead Screw Self Drill

If what you are looking for isn’t here.  Don’t hesitate to give our sales team a call.  Or click here at fixfactory.ie to see a full list of what we sell.



Hi Guys,

Today’s blog post is a product review on both Putty Pads and Inserts (single & double) one of our top sellers at fix factory.  See the rest of the fire proofing products we stock here at fixfactory.ie

Putty Pads

Etag putty pads are an easily applied fire and sound rated sealant.  This type of pad is hand workable, reuseable and reserviceable due to the non-setting properties it features.  Easy installation on first or second fixings and excellent acoustic properties, are two of its many benefits.  The protection it features will prevent the passage of smoke, flames, sound and air movement through the electrical socket.  They provide up to 120 minutes fire resistance and featuring excellent acoustic properties, they achieve full fire performance without additional insulation between the studs.  The putty pads come supplied in a cross shape for internal installation in a socket or a switch box.  See here at fixfactory.ie


Fire Socket Inserts

The fire socket inserts we supply offer maximum protection for penetrations created by the introduction of both single & double inserts and also to allow ease of fitting.  In a situation where a fire occurs, the inserts expand internally to fill all of the available space.  These inserts work when fitted back to back in uninsulated walls and can be retro fitted to existing sockets or fitted during the wall construction.  Also suitable for insulated and uninsulated plasterboard partitions.  See here at fixfactory.ie


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