Growing Etag Fixings strengthens 14 year supply partnership with Rapierstar

Leading UK and Irish fastener distributor Etag Fixings is driving ahead with its ambitious growth plans with the support of masonry and timber screws supplier Rapierstar.

Following its successful expansion into the UK market by establishing a London operation in 2011, Etag UK recently expanded its warehouse in Thames Gateway Park, Dagenham, Essex to 20,000 sq. ft. providing more off the shelf high quality products. There has been huge growth for Etag in recent years, moving from their original premises in Bermondsey to Dagenham in November 2016. This move allowed Etag to grow the business further due to the logistical benefits of East London.

Etag has also upgraded and expanded its main distribution centre in Ireland with a move into a new 33,000 sq. ft. building in Dublin. Accommodating three new warehouses and its head office functions, the new base for Etag underpins its plans to grow market share for fasteners used in all aspects of construction, engineering and right across the industrial sector.

At the heart of Etag’s success and strength is its strategy of partnering with the market’s leading distributors and manufacturers, amongst which is Rapierstar with whom it has partnered since 2004. It supplies Etag with its StarTurn wood screws and StarFix masonry screws, which give customers access to consistently high quality fasteners that are subjected to the most demanding testing regime, both at manufacturing source and in Rapierstar’s UK test centre.

Paul Bonner, Managing Director at Etag Fixings said: “We’ve really differentiated ourselves by becoming the go-to distributor for fasteners and fixings across all technical disciplines, sometimes surprising ourselves with what we can supply. That’s what comes of investing time and effort in developing a great network of trusted suppliers, within which we include Rapierstar, who have made a really positive contribution to our success.

“Rapierstar products are extremely popular with our customers as they seek fasteners that allow them to complete their work easily, safely and to a high standard. Our expert team have a great knowledge of all our products, and Rapierstar have always supported Etag with their high quality screws. We look forward to a continued relationship with Rapierstar as both companies continue to grow in the UK and Ireland”

Etag started life in 2004 as a small distributor of fixings, hand-tools and safety equipment, but it has since grown to offer the most comprehensive product range of its kind in Ireland. These span numerous product divisions including access panels, building supplies, ceiling and drywall, masonry, concrete, formwork, M&E, power tools, roofing, carpentry, signage and protection, and it is already well on the road to replicating its success in the UK from its Dagenham site.

David Furness, founder and MD of Rapierstar adds: “It’s fantastic to see Etag expand and grow and we are delighted to be working closely with Paul and his team to provide customers with the best possible products for the application. With our focus on the UK and Irish markets too, there are strong synergies between Rapierstar and Etag which ensures reliability of supply and means we are both fully in tune with the needs of our markets.”

Operating from its UK HQ and 100,000 sq. ft. bonded warehouse and distribution centre near Macclesfield, Rapierstar is the leading fastener supplier to the British and Irish construction market. With one billion screws stocked at any one time, and supporting sites in Belfast and Norwich, it is able to offer unrivalled supply chain reliability to customers in all parts of the British Isles.

Its own branded products are designed and manufactured to exacting speed of insertion, strength of drill point and high plating standards, with quality assured through comprehensive testing at both its manufacturing plants and its ‘in-house’ R&D test facility. This industry leading regime enables Rapierstar to comply with all appropriate British, European and international quality standards and to continuously improve product performance through innovation.

Greener Etag

Over the last month, we have been looking at our energy efficient products to celebrate World Green Building Week  from 24-30  September. Not only do we stock green products, we are also working towards a greener Etag.

At the beginning of 2018 the decision was made that in an order to facilitate our ongoing business growth, a larger space was required. The property hunt started and soon enough, new premises of 29,751.45 sq.f. was secured. The property comprises of 3 adjacent units. Each building has a large interconnected warehouse, along with two storey office areas. A complete refurbishment was necessary to make the premises suitable to our needs.

A general inspection of the buildings and an energy audit was carried out. The aim of the project was to achieve long term cost efficiency and more environmentally friendly solution. First, the property was completely rewired and a total of 215 light fittings were changed for more energy efficient LED options. The light fittings are attractive, easy to clean and have no glare. The payback period of the initial cost for the new lighting is 3 years. Our energy savings per year works out at 46% and the estimated cuts on our carbon footprint per year is 10.8 tonnes.

Greener Etag Light Fixings


We then installed new digital electric radiators throughout the building, which are not only more aesthetically pleasing than the previous storage heaters, but are also fitted with a built-in room sensor.  This allows for individual setting (keeping the whole team happy!), prevents overheating and are economical. The radiators are approximately 30% more efficient than the old storage heaters. All the light fittings and storage heaters were then recycled rather than being sent to a landfill. To prevent heat loss, our ceilings in the upper level of the building were fitted with a 200mm Earthwool insulation. This insulation roll is odourless and rot proof. Earthwool is also made from rapidly renewable bio-based materials.

Greener Etag Radiators


We are also making inroads with our daily recycling, particularly due to our baler. The baler helps to reduce our cardboard and plastic waste, and helps us do our part in conserving the environment. In the office, there is a recycling bin to collect waste paper, helping to reduce our waste and encourage recycling. We still have some work to do, but are dedicated to reducing Etag’s carbon footprint over the next few years.

Greener Etag Baler


#WGBW2018 – Air Tightness

Airstop Range Fix Factory

Over the month of September, we will be focusing on products that help to create a green home for World Green Building Week on 24-30 September. #WGBW2018

Air tightness products can help to make a building reduce it’s energy consumption, making it environmentally friendly.

Airstop Vapour Barrier Tape is for indoor bonding of all PP/PE membrane types, such as plywood, chipboard, planed timber and metal. The Blue Barrier Tape is for longitudinal and transverse overlapping bonding. It has a string adhesive force that improves over time and is highly resistant to moisture. The Green Barrier Tape is used for sealing around shaped objects such as pipe conduits. It is highly flexible and allows for the movement of structural elements.

Airstop Vapour Barrier Foil  is a permeable vapour barrier that is used to prevent dry rot, mould and mildew on primarily exterior walls and ceilings constructions. The vapour barrier allows periodic condensation moisture to move from one side of the material to the other but is still tight enough to stop normal vapour pressure.

Airstop Mastic is used for tight adhesion of vapour barrier foil against absorbent pourous surfaces such as plaster, aerated concrete or untreated timber. It is solvent free, a strong adhesive, stable, it smooths out irregularities. It is durable and moves with the building.

Airstop Split Back Tape is a split backed tape for the air tight sealing of exposed building elements such as wood, pvc, plaster and brick. It can also be plastered or painted over.

For more information on our air tightness products, call our experienced sales team on 01 835 7424 or email

Dust Prevention

Dust can be a huge problem on site as it can seriously damage your health. There are some products that can help minimise and protect you from dust on site.Etag Ireland Dust Prevention XtractaBench

The Armorgard XtractaBench is an all in one dust workbench and extraction management system. It is a strong and robust workbench used to reduce dust and fumes emitted on site when working with materials such as wood, metal and plasterboard. it is compatible with most H or M class vaccums.

Dust masks are becoming more important due to regulations coming in. Face masks are now recommended by the HSA to be fit tested annually. All Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) must be CE marked making it adequate for the task, compatible for the environment, task and worker, and in good working order. RPE is the last line of protection. We have a wide range of dust protection products to keep you safe on site.

Etag Ireland Dust Prevention Full Face Mask

A full face mask has a large lens for wide field view and excellent visibility. It has a bayonet connection fitting system to a broad range of filters to protect against gases, vapours and particles. The four strap suspension makes it easy to put on and take off.  The cool flow valve provides easy breathing with reduced heat and stops moisture build up. The face mask is easy to clean due to the exhalation port, which provides increased durability.


Etag Ireland Half Face Mask Dust Prevention


A half mask is reusable, economical, low maintenance and simple to use. It has a cradle head harness and easy fasten neck strap. It is made of lightweight, elastomeric material for comfort during long periods. The low profile design minimises any interference in your field of view. The twin filter system gives an even distribution of weight and minimal obstruction to weight.

We also stock a range of disposable dust masks with P1,  P2 and P3 valve for temporary measures.  Ear protection is also important to reduce noise pollution and dirt. Corded ear plugs are reusable and can help reduce pressure in the ear canal. Disposable ear plugs are easy to insert and fit to the contour of the ear. Ear defenders are lightweight and ensure the wearer is protected from noise pollution. Protective glasses are a must to keep eyes protected from flying particles and objects and gloves are also important to protect from dust particles.

Tak-Mats are designed for the removal of light dirt and dust from foot traffic. They are ideal for hard or carpeted floors and enable under door fitting. There are 30 disposable sheets with each mat, which are individually tabbed and numbered that can then be peeled off, with a clean sheet ready to use underneath.

Temporary screen props provide a strong , lightweight solution for all temporary screening applications. They are reusable and cost effective. Easy to install, screen props will help to contain dust or spray.

Zip doors also help to contain dust in one area by sealing off the door. The zips are heavy duty to allow regular use. It will attach to a door way or screen and is quick and easy to install.

Our experienced sales team are on hand to chat with about our dust protection range on 

Product Highlight: Kore Floor

KORE Floor is a high performance floor insulation system for use below a concrete floor slab, below a cement based screed on a concrete slab with a hardcore base, above a suspended concrete floor and between the joists of a suspended timber floor. Made from rigid polystyrene boards cut from moulded blocks of expanded polystyrene, the closed cell nature of the boards ensures a consistent thermal and compressive performance throughout the lifetime of the building.

Kore Floor Insulation

The Benefits Of Kore Floor 

  • Meets and exceeds building regulations
  • Suitable for Passive House and low energy construction
  • Easy to work with and install
  • Exceptional compressive strength making KORE Floor Insulation suitable for use in both domestic and commercial applications
  • Thermal mass benefits from concrete construction
  • Suitable for use with underfloor heating systems
  • Available in a range of thicknesses
  • KORE Floor Insulation is durable, rot-proof and water repellent. It will easily last the lifetime of the building

Up to ten percent of a home’s heat may be lost through an uninsulated, poorly insulated or draughty floor. This heat loss can easily be remedied with the use of KORE Floor Insulation in both new builds and retrofits (when practical). KORE Floor Insulation is available in two different grades of EPS – White or Silver. 75mm KORE Floor Silver provides an identical U-value as 100mm KORE Floor White, meaning less material may be used for the same end result. In addition, KORE Floor Insulation is available in a number of compressive strengths and is suitable for use under heavy loads.

Kore Floor is manufactured by KORE, who design, manufacture and and deliver practical insulation solutions, and are one of the leading manufacturers for EPS products. For more information, email our experienced sales team on


  • Kore Floor White Kore Floor Silver

Welcome Shirley Bowman, Our New General Manager

Etag Fixings General Manager

We would like to announce that Shirley Bowman is now General Manager of Etag Fixings UK and Ireland.

Shirley has been with Etag Fixings for over 10 years and moved to London to help establish Etag UK. Her wealth of experience will be invaluable and bring a steady and guiding hand to both companies.

Please join us in congratulating Shirley and we wish her all the best in her new role.



Speed, Efficiency And Flexibility – The Gripple Fast Trak


The Gripple Fast Trak offers speed, flexibility and efficient use of space when you are working in restricted spaces with all the flexibility of its wire rope counterparts.

Gripple Fast Track









It is 6 times faster to install than other bracket solutions and safer as it removes the need to cut threaded rod and channel on site. It is tool free, as the brackets move up and down the tracks to accommodate changes in position while installing electrical containment, pipework, ductwork and other M&E services in restricted spaces.


Once you have reached the required height by pressing the latches on each end, the bracket will the click into place with a safety lock. The maximum weight for the Fast Trak is 180kg. There is zero waste as the tracks neatly fold under the brackets, so there is no need to  trim any excess, making your site safe. Due to the multi tiers, the Fast Trak is a space saver and ensures that cable containment units are tight to the ceiling and is an ideal solution for residential developments and buildings.

See the Fast Trak in action

For more information, contact our experienced sales team on 01 835 7424 or email

We have a new address!

To meet our customer demand, we have decided to upgrade our operation and obtained a 33,000 sq.f. premises in the Hub Logistics Park, Bracetown, Clonee, which provides 3 large warehouses and ample office and parking space. We started operating from our new building(s) on Tue 5th June. The move was a huge task and we would like to thank all staff for their help. We make a great team.

We are looking forward to continuing our business with you from our new location.





Please note our phone number is 01 835 7424 and our new address is:

Unit 23-25 The Hub Logistics Park
Dublin D15 TN3N

On behalf of all at Etag,
The Management Team

Darkness Into Light Walk 2018

On Saturday 12th May, eight members of Etag Fixings Ireland and UK gathered at 4.15am in Cricklewood (London), Phoenix Park (Dublin), Navan and Fairyhouse Racecourse (Co. Meath) to take part in the Darkness Into Light walk for Pieta House.

Pieta House provides lifesaving support to those living in the shadows and support other organisations doing similar work all around the world. Darkness Into Light is a global movement to raise awareness and funds for the prevention of suicide and self-harm.

Gathering with the crowds in the darkness, there was a buzz of excitement as people got ready to walk or run into the light. As we walked around the 5k course in each location, we were able to see the sun slowly rise and hear the birds sing, giving everyone a feeling of hopefulness and peace. It was an amazing experience for all and one that we hope to continue next year.

Damien, Jana, Shirley, Kyle, Bethany, Jonny, Kelly and Laura all signed up for the walk and pledged to raise funds for Pieta House. Altogether, Team Etag raised €2,134.78 / £1,937. Take a look at our video with some images here

A huge thank you to all our sponsors!!
And, well done to Team Etag!!