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Today’s blog post features a review on our Bespoke Access Panels.  Here at Etag, we have made 1000’s of special bespoke access panels for an enormous range of projects and special applications.  See here at or


Access Panels are a necessity in order to access covered plumbing, electrical and building services.  We take pride in making sure our bespoke access panels blend into any building’s design and are subtle, functional and well-constructed.

When we manufacture these access panels we take you the customer into account.  Etag wants to make the job as easy as possible for you.  So your specification is key, its design accounts for easy installation into walls and we can proudly say we have the flexibility to offer you a wide range of sizes to suit most applications.


Some of the options we make available to you are; fire rated, frame & door construction, door finish options, airtight panels, textured and colour choices and many more.  Education, offshore, energy, skyscraper construction, hospitality and healthcare facilities are only a few of the many projects we have developed access solutions for.

Any special access panel requirements you may have, just give our team a call and we will get it sorted!

Happy building & thanks for reading.


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