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So, here goes, this is Etag’s first blog post so we are very excited.  The main aim with this blog is keep you all informed & updated on Etag Fixings, Fix Factory, our products and generally anything we think you would like to read and find informative or helpful.  All questions, queries and suggestions you may have are welcomed.

So for this blog post, we are going to do a product review for you. From our wonderful suppliers Geocel’s range, we stock the highly recommended Airblock Flexible Foam.

Airblock Expanding Foam

See here at or . Airblock comes packaged in a 750ml can and boxed in 12’s.  This foam creates a highly effective air tight barrier to help air seal buildings.  You may ask how it differs from other foams in its field, well Airblock foam hits all those nooks and crannies that are hard to reach.  It fills voids and seals which in return, results in providing a huge improvement to energy efficiency.

This Airblock foam boasts many benefits some of which include; it forms an airtight and water resistant flexible seal, has a temperature resistance of -40 to +100 and is fire and acoustic rated.  One of the best aspects of Airblock foam is that it can be used in conjunction with most common materials like; wood, brickwork, concrete, stone, plaster, metal and plastic surfaces.  So it is not specific to just one material (a huge benefit we think) .

That is all for now, hope this helped. Catch Etags next blog post Tuesday.

Happy building & thanks for reading.


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