Etag Environmental Comittee



At Etag, we are striving to provide more environmentally sustainable products for our customers. Within the construction industry, we are conscious of our carbon footprint and sourcing products for our customers that can decrease our footprint is important to us. 39% of global energy related carbon emissions are attributed to buildings and 28% of this are from buildings in operation – lighting, heating and cooling. However, 11% of carbon emissions are attributed to the construction process, for example, dust creation and fumes in construction.

There are small ways that Etag can help our customers reduce their carbon emissions on site, such as LED site lights. LED can bring high quality lighting to site instantly. They need minimal maintenance and greatly reduce energy costs. We have a wide range of site lights that can help adequately light up the site.

Another way to reduce dust on site is the Armorgard Cutting Station. This multi-purpose mobile cutting unit eliminates the need for a separate cutting room and has a dust extractor connection. There is also an optional extra for a dust extraction or air filtration system. The Cutting Station has a unique and extendable back which creates a much bigger, and safer working space.

Etag also carry a comprehensive set of key insulation products from leading brands, such as fibreglass, PIR and loft leg. As a large percentage of carbon emissions comes from buildings in operation, good insulation can reduce this. Insulation can make renovated and new buildings comfortable and less expensive to run, while minimising energy use.

This year, World Green Building Week’s theme is #BuildingLife. Etag are pledging to to source, produce and transport materials more sustainably. We have already begun this process and aim to make more changes within the year in the products we supply, our own operations and transportation of goods. We recently established an Environmental Committee, and their aim is to make Etag greener for our team and customers.

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