Greener Etag

Over the last month, we have been looking at our energy efficient products to celebrate World Green Building Week  from 24-30  September. Not only do we stock green products, we are also working towards a greener Etag.

At the beginning of 2018 the decision was made that in an order to facilitate our ongoing business growth, a larger space was required. The property hunt started and soon enough, new premises of 29,751.45 sq.f. was secured. The property comprises of 3 adjacent units. Each building has a large interconnected warehouse, along with two storey office areas. A complete refurbishment was necessary to make the premises suitable to our needs.

A general inspection of the buildings and an energy audit was carried out. The aim of the project was to achieve long term cost efficiency and more environmentally friendly solution. First, the property was completely rewired and a total of 215 light fittings were changed for more energy efficient LED options. The light fittings are attractive, easy to clean and have no glare. The payback period of the initial cost for the new lighting is 3 years. Our energy savings per year works out at 46% and the estimated cuts on our carbon footprint per year is 10.8 tonnes.

Greener Etag Light Fixings


We then installed new digital electric radiators throughout the building, which are not only more aesthetically pleasing than the previous storage heaters, but are also fitted with a built-in room sensor.  This allows for individual setting (keeping the whole team happy!), prevents overheating and are economical. The radiators are approximately 30% more efficient than the old storage heaters. All the light fittings and storage heaters were then recycled rather than being sent to a landfill. To prevent heat loss, our ceilings in the upper level of the building were fitted with a 200mm Earthwool insulation. This insulation roll is odourless and rot proof. Earthwool is also made from rapidly renewable bio-based materials.

Greener Etag Radiators


We are also making inroads with our daily recycling, particularly due to our baler. The baler helps to reduce our cardboard and plastic waste, and helps us do our part in conserving the environment. In the office, there is a recycling bin to collect waste paper, helping to reduce our waste and encourage recycling. We still have some work to do, but are dedicated to reducing Etag’s carbon footprint over the next few years.

Greener Etag Baler


#WGBW2018 – Air Tightness

Airstop Range Fix Factory

Over the month of September, we will be focusing on products that help to create a green home for World Green Building Week on 24-30 September. #WGBW2018

Air tightness products can help to make a building reduce it’s energy consumption, making it environmentally friendly.

Airstop Vapour Barrier Tape is for indoor bonding of all PP/PE membrane types, such as plywood, chipboard, planed timber and metal. The Blue Barrier Tape is for longitudinal and transverse overlapping bonding. It has a string adhesive force that improves over time and is highly resistant to moisture. The Green Barrier Tape is used for sealing around shaped objects such as pipe conduits. It is highly flexible and allows for the movement of structural elements.

Airstop Vapour Barrier Foil  is a permeable vapour barrier that is used to prevent dry rot, mould and mildew on primarily exterior walls and ceilings constructions. The vapour barrier allows periodic condensation moisture to move from one side of the material to the other but is still tight enough to stop normal vapour pressure.

Airstop Mastic is used for tight adhesion of vapour barrier foil against absorbent pourous surfaces such as plaster, aerated concrete or untreated timber. It is solvent free, a strong adhesive, stable, it smooths out irregularities. It is durable and moves with the building.

Airstop Split Back Tape is a split backed tape for the air tight sealing of exposed building elements such as wood, pvc, plaster and brick. It can also be plastered or painted over.

For more information on our air tightness products, call our experienced sales team on 01 835 7424 or email